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Meet Rita May

Rita May is a successful businesswoman, a nurse, and advocate to preserve Dorchester County for the future.

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Lifelong conservative Rita May Ranck is a Registered Nurse, a successful small businesswoman, and a mother of four who has spent a career giving back to Dorchester County and her church.


Rita May, and her husband of 40 years, Jim, have four children and seven grandchildren. They have been on several mission trips throughout Africa and Central America to give back to those in need. 

Rita May, while an RN, ran a successful caregiving company and now consults for that company since selling it. As a RN, she keeps the caring for others at the forefront.

Rita May serves on the county's Parks & Recreation Commission, served for 15 years on the board of Keep Dorchester County Beautiful, and has been active in the land preservation efforts in the county.

Rita May's Experience

Parks & Recreation Commission Member

Rita May serves on the county's Parks & Recreation Commission - overseeing the building of the county's parks and preserving open space the voters approved.

Keep Dorchester County Beautiful

Rita May served for 15 years on the Keep Dorchester County Beautiful Board of Directors, helping to spearhead the county's anti-litter initiatives.

Devoted Republican

Rita May has been active over the years and has held leadership positions in the Summerville Republican Women's Club and the Dorchester County Republican Party. She has supported and helped countless conservative candidates get elected to office over the years.

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